Why we chose bananas and how decentralized synthetic asset creation can help emerging markets

Bananas are a world wide commodity and a key asset in many markets, supporting communities in many developing countries and consumed globally. By creating a Synth which can hedge inflation, peg to a universal value and be stable, bananas offer a unique value proposition to many users.


We chose…

Permissionless, flexible and robust framework for Oracle deployment with multifeed support, subscriptions and instant deployment.

What is Open Oracle Framework (OOF)?
Open Oracle Framework’s a framework for permissionless oracle deployment and robust and flexible on-chain oracle feeds. Oracles are simply multi-party median value feeds, but you can even implement your own…

This walkthrough will show you how to mint synthetic assets on Conjure, stake them for rewards and close the loans when you are done

Step 1

Who’s Conjure for?

Liquidity Providers and Borrowers — These users mint the Synth asset by providing ETH to then sell to the public, these users do this as they are bullish on the ETH price / asset price and mint assets by collateralizing the CDP, selling the asset…

Permissionless, Arbitrary Synthetic Assets

Conjure allows anyone to create tokenized assets on Ethereum representing any asset you can imagine. The resulting Synths are fully collateralized by Ether and have their collateralization and value pegged via a powerful and flexible ability to combine multiple arbitrary price sources to produce a single…


Allowing anyone, anywhere to create any asset

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